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The Asus PCE-AC68 is a front runner 802.11 air conditioning adaptor for desktop PCs. It is developed to attain the fastest feasible rates from both 802.11 ac and also 802.11 n routers works by twinning a powerful PCI Express card with three big intensified antennas.

Asus PCE-AC68 Driver Wireless

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Asus is marketing the PCE-AC68 at fanatics and local business running data extensive neighborhood networks, yet prices aren’t too high for traditional customers looking to get rid of function black spots in larger homes. If you have actually checked out the score above, you won’t be amazed to find out the Asus PCE-AC68 is what we make use of for all our 802.11 air conditioner router screening.


The Asus PCE-AC68 can be found in two components: the PCI Express card that you slot into your PC as well as its antennas. The card brings a big passive warm sync that permits it to operate calmly and also it is very well developed, even more so than some graphics cards we have seen. For those with clear PC instances, the red paintwork also looks rather excellent, like a piece removed Iron Male.

The antennas can be screwed straight into the card, but locating them at the rear of your PC is rarely a suitable placement to get the best out of them. Recognizing this, Asus supplies a meter-long cable for attaching to the card straight as well as at the end of the cable television is a hefty triangular base to screw in the antennas which permit far better positioning.

The base is magnetic, which allows it clamp to any metallic surface making for possibly simple wall installing. Gladly, the base is hefty enough that it likewise stays in position on non-magnetic surface areas and Asus has furnished it with soft pads so it does not damage any kind of surface area, especially magnetic ones.


Possibly the most eye-catching part of the PCE-A68’s meaningful spec sheet is its ‘AC1900’ ranking. This damages down as theoretical rates of 1300Mbit 802.11 air conditioning as well as 600Mbit 802.11 n. The unusual bit is the cordless n rating (usually covered to 450Mbit) as well as it originates from using the exact same Broadcom ‘TurboQAM’ technology Asus took into its top of the line RT-AC68U ‘AC1900’ router.

TurboQAM asserts to improve any wireless n router, however, it clearly functions best with various other TurboQAM routers. Thus far the RT-AC68U is the just one on the marketplace, however, it will soon be joined by the Linksys brand-new flagship EA6900, which we are expecting any kind of day currently.

Along with these speed qualifications the PCE-AC68 also sustains Beamforming and also WEP, WPA and also WPA 2 wireless protection requirements.

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